Anthropocene LLC

  • Year: 2020
  • Location: New York

Anthropocene LLC is a six bedroom house with views on the Norton Bay, a pool, a big garden, and just a short walk to Rockaway beach.

Architecturally, the project separates the spaces we associate with home in order to reconnect them with the outside. Thee bedrooms are organized in a motel like building for maximum privacy, a big dining kitchen living and staircase connecting them. The division of spaces further allows for an economy of interior space and construction methods.

Located at 44-12 Norton Avenue, on the bayside of the Rockaway spit. This area, the green Norton Basin, sits between Rockaway Community Park andBayswater Park, while also just five blocks from Rockaway Beach to thesouth.

The house is located in a flood zone of Queens, and is built with resilientdesign in mind at every turn. First, the building is raised on columns. The overall scheme embraces the weather-ability of the built outdoors. (I.e. thehouse is not avoiding but rather accepting a flood.)